True happiness is a choice. It’s all about finding your purpose in life and then making choices to live a life that is aligned with that purpose. It sounds simple, right? So why is it so hard?

We are not taught as children to follow our purpose. In fact, becoming an adult in our society often means giving up your dreams to focus on more “practical” things in life. But why can’t your passions be practical? Why can’t we continue to follow our dreams into adulthood? The world would certainly be a better place if everyone was doing what they were born to do.

When your life is out of sync from where it should be, you will see and feel the signs. You may not always know that these are actually symptoms of a bigger problem. You’ll just know that something doesn’t feel right, that things feel “off” somehow. You maybe experiencing some of the following symptoms.

Here are nine signs you’re not living your life purpose:

  1. You don’t wake up excited in the morning – If the thought of getting up and getting going in the morning fills you with dread, or if you get depressed thinking about going to work the next day, then you’re not living your purpose. Maybe you were told you were supposed to go to college, get a degree and a job in a good career field, get married and have some kids, and then all the happiness would be yours. So, why aren’t you feeling it?
  2. You procrastinate a lot – If you’re always putting things off, then it could be you’re not really into doing those things after all. Some procrastination now and then is normal. Everyone goes through it. But if you are regularly avoiding the things you should be doing like the plague, then there may be something deeper happening.
  3. When you feel low, you feel REALLY low – We all have highs and lows. That is what life is all about, but when your lows are really low, and you can’t seem to bring yourself out of the funk, there could be more going on. When it seems like even the things that should bring you happiness are not quite cutting it, you may need to re-evaluate some things in your life.
  4. You are surrounded by people who bring you down – Like attracts like and when you’re down, you probably attract a lot of downers. You know what they say about “misery loves company”. Apart from that, however, when the people around you are bringing you down, it could be because you’re just not in the right company. Maybe you’re not with people who share your views. Maybe you don’t have the same morals and life goals. When your energy is not aligned in the same way, people around you could feel like an energy suck. This wears you down and you won’t feel good after being around them.
  5. You feel stuck and your job doesn’t fulfill you – Do you feel like you’ve been stuck in a rut for a long time? Possibly even for years? When you feel like your wheels are stuck and you’re no longer moving forward with life – work, love, etc. – this could be a sign you are not living your life purpose. Your soul knows it and that discomfort you feel is your body and mind trying to lead you into the right direction.
  6. You are unhappy with life – Yes, happiness will come and go but joy, pure joy, is something that lives within us. When you’re living your life purpose, you will always have joy. There will be sad times, there will be hurt and pain, there will be loss, and there will be all the human range of emotions but deep inside, you will still feel joy. When you’re not living your life purpose, you’re not happy. This is a symptom and it’s something you should pay attention to.
  7. You’re always searching for something missing – If you feel like there is a missing piece to the puzzle or a missing link in your life, then it could be that you’re not living your purpose. That unhappiness mentioned above will often lead to a feeling that something is missing.
  8. You keep playing it safe – Maybe you used to have big dreams, but now you’re afraid to really put yourself out there and chase after them. You may feel like you want something more but the uncertainly scares you, so you stick to playing it safe. When you’re living your purpose, you no longer feel fear and you put yourself out there!
  9. You are not doing what you love – Maybe you already know what you love. You know what you SHOULD be doing. You can feel deep into your soul. You can feel it in your bones. You know it to be as true as the nose on your face, but you’re not doing it.

With these signs in your life, you’re likely feeling really out of balance. If this resonates with you, it’s important to first know that you are not alone. There are so many people out there going through the same thing. In fact, in this day and age, there are likely more people NOT living their purpose than those who have found their way. But you don’t have to be one of them. You don’t need to keep hoping and wishing things will change, either. There is a formula that can get you there.

I tell you how to combat this in my book Why Be Average When You Can Be Amazing? Blueprint to Your Life Purpose and I also teach alignment with your life purpose in my courses. Browse the site or message me if you have questions.